• Special harness developed for lifting cows and horses in emergency situations and heli-transport operations, it can also be used for similar
  • sized animals (min. 300 kg / max. 600 kg).
  • It is made of polyester HT for heavy loads and low stretch. It weights only 3 kg.
  • Wrong use of the harness could cause loss of the animal.
  • If the animal is nervous or in shock, use a sedative.


  • Two-piece harness for dogs.
  • Particularly comfortable, and equipped with a loop
    for vertical lifting and lowering.
  • Recommended for rescue dogs of medium / large


  • It allows a fluid and safe swim optimizing the forces
    of our four-legged friend!
  • Floating dog harness designed for water rescue.
  • Equipped with 3 handles, one top and two sides, for
    the towing of the rescuers and the wounded.
  • Another handle is behind the neck and it facilitate
    the retrieval of the dog on board.
  • Aluminum ring for suspension during winch
  • Ultra-fast dressing with automatic buckles.
  • High visibility coloring to help you find the dog even
    in unfavorable conditions.
  • Details madtf reflective fabric for a better visibility in
    the dark

Available in two sizes:

  • M/L for medium sized dogs from 25 to 40 kg (eg,
    Labrador, Golden Retiever, etc.)
  • XL for large dogs from 45 to 65 kg (eg, Terranova,
    Leomberger, etc.)
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