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Rollable medical device designed for confined space rescue


Rollable medical device designed for confined space rescue; particularly suitable for the evacuation of injured persons from places with tight or complicated passages. An extremely flexible device,very useful in evacuating injured persons under complex environmental conditions. Without rigid frames,it is easily stowed and transportable in its bag fitted with shoulder straps and side zip. Main features: Increased thickness giving greater resistance to rubbing,increased patient protection and greater stability during handling. Easy to clean and disinfect. Hanging kits for vertical transportation in wells or tunnels. Hanging kit for horizontal winching,even by helicopter. Side handles for multi-operator transportation,with high visibility reflective indicators for quick recognition in dark areas. Easy maintenance with separately replaceable components. Quick product identification via unique serial number and NFC chip. Available in two colors,yellow or black. Head/foot orientation stickers that facilitate correct patient positioning.? Can be used alone or in combination with a spinal board,vacuum mattress or positive pressure mattress. Available in shortened version,HALF ROLLY,which can be used alone or in combination with the ROLLY as an immobilizer for vertical transport.

89001N000KK 7.3Kg Nylon 245cm 92cm Black
890010000KK 7.3Kg Nylon 245cm 92cm Yellow

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