RP892 Backup Device with Popper cord

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The RED’s cams?have a positively locking spring, which means that the device is self-parking rather than self-tailing. This is important for Rope Access work techniques as they require the back-up device to be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum.The RED makes use of ‘Rotational Braking’ which means the device rotates clockwise creating friction and resistance, which then results in very effective automatic braking in the event of a sudden pull on the cows-tail such as might occur during a main line failure.?To increase the effectiveness of the Rotational Brake in a panic situation (for example, a main-line failure), the RED?can be fitted with a ‘Popper’ tow cord release clip.?The Popper device is a breakaway release clip, which provides a secondary attachment point for the tow cord. When used during normal positioning activity, this secondary attachment point allows the user to tow the device directly downwards. In a panic situation the popper clip is designed to release under load and mitigate against uncontrolled towing of the device.


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