Portable Anchor Points & Restricted Space Davit Systems

Sky-X-Stand Mobile Anchor Points

Sky-X-Stand system provide Mobile overhead fall protection anchor point in a lightweight and easy to set up package.

The Sky-X-Stand series consists of :
Pro 1 Single Anchor Point (fixed Height)
Pro 2 Double Anchor Point Truck Mount (Fixed height)
Pro 3 Mobile Anchor Point or Horizontal Rail (Single or Double Anchor Point,fixed Height)
Pro 4 Mobile Horizontal Rail (fixed Height) with Access Platform (adjustable)
Pro 5 Mobile Horizontal Rail (Hydraulically adjustable height)
Pro 6 Mobile Horizontal Rail (Hydraulically adjustable Height) with Access Platform (adjustable)
Pro 7 Anchor Point Hitch Mount (Single or Double anchor point, fixed Height)
Pro 8 Restricted Space Anchor Point or Horizontal Rail (fixed Height)
Pro 9 Cube System and Accessories

PRO-7 Sky-X-Stand system are a counter weighted (steel bins must be filed with concrete) hitch mounted (units must be attached to vehicles during use) anchor point.

Restricted Space David System

The Pro-8 Restricted Space Series allows you to place fall protection anchors where you need them with minimal disruption to work place layouts and operations. Fre standing portable and permanently installed options let you pick the solution that is best suited to your facility’s individual needs. PRO-8 series Rail Restricted Space Rail Systems can be customized in a variety to ways, such as height, length, position and number to usesrs, The modular and lightweight design of components for the PRO-8 series allows for fast and easy installations.

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