Mobile Stair Systems with Fall Protection

Mobile Access Stair Systems (M.A.S.S.) provide a portable means of accessing elevated work areas with fully functional stairway versus a conventional ladder. The Mobile Access Stair System (M.A.S.S.) offer wide variety of optional railing, cages, and anchor structures to provide ground-up fall protection for yo elevated work activities. With the Free Standing Access Stair Systems (F.S.A.S.S.) which are heig adjustable from 141″ to 216″ (to the entrance platform), the stairway design creates safer access to elevate work areas while carrying tools, and the anchor points adjust with the entrance platform.

Hydraulic Options:

  • Manual Option
  • Electric 110 V
  • Electric 12 V
  • Air/ Hydraulic

Mobile Access Stair Systems (M.A.S.S)

PT # 70075
PT # 70076
Accessories for 70075 and 70076:
PT # 20134 Mass, Rectangle Cage
PT # 20039 Mass, Guardrail Cage
PT # 20014 Mass, Davit Anchor Point kg
PT # 20009 Mass, Tripod Pkg
PT # 20015 Traveling Rail
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