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Lifegear work at height safety

Lifegear is a design and technology specialist in the field of safety. Formed in the year of 2007 in the western Ghats of Lonavala, India. Established as a Fall protection manufacturing company, Lifegear has always been known for its dynamic leadership, technically advanced and ergonomically designed products. The products and equipment are carved and manufactured keeping in mind the safety and value of your life. Our company shares a set of core  values like integrity, understanding, excellence, perfection and responsibility. These values have been part of the organization’s belief and conviction from its earliest days.

Lifegear From 2007-2010

As a young organisation, we have busy establishing our product range, certification, manufacturing facility and distribution market. We could establish good business with India’s leading construction companies selling safety Harnesses, lanyards, hooks and fall arresters.

Lifegear From 2010 till 2014

Ventured into international market with its local distribution partner in the Middle east, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom etc. simultaneously expanding its manufacturing and distribution base in India.


Our company Launched its first Patented full body harness, named BagPack Harness. The product addressed problems of usage on construction site and industries like cement or chemical in-terms of Life, storage and transportation of the product. Bagpack Harness claimed to easier.


Our company Launched another design patented product, Named Lifegear Jeans. Adding Style in design and weaving, Jeans Harness were weaved in a innovative manner to provide Jeans texture and feel from Polyester. Team Lifegear, has always believed in building a Brand, thereby launching various sub-brands like BagPack, Jeans, Just Jump, Komet, Blocker and G-one.


Lifegear partnered with ISC UK, for Indian market. ISC is a globally re-nouned Brand for manufacturing metal components for rope access, industrial height safety, arborist and rescue. With ISC’s competency and Lifegear presence and marketing, innovative concepts like G-one revolutionised rescue techniques in India making it simpler, faster and safer.


Lifegear ventured into Fixed fall protection Lifeline systems. Understanding by executing single anchor point systems, Lifegear’s design and development team, innovated the rooftop anchor post for rooftop lifelines. Thereafter developed various components for better strength, durability and user friendly. Lifegear developed permanent Rooftop lines, Gantry overhead horizontal Lifelines, Crane Bay lifeline, Pipebridge Lifeline, vertical lifeline and temporary horizontal and vertical lifelines.


Lifegear celebrating 10 years of business, diversified its passion of safety into Sports and Adventure parks. With a variety of gears like Belay devices, Pulleys, ropes, backup device, ascenders, desenders, smart snap, karabiner, zipline etc. Now and into the future, Our company will continue to work for its passion of safety in adventure, sports and industries, and especially for those adventurous people who love to explore the unknown.